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While I agree with your point at large, I felt the need to point out a few ridiculous aspects of your comment.

plant derived

Saying "plant-derived" to describe semisynthetic opioids is quite wrong - and, though technically correct, very misleading in any case. Cocaine and any number of dangerous chemicals can, by your definition, be described as "plant derived."

that work extremely well and have for a thousand years

The majority of opioids are quite new, and others are being researched every day. While more crude opiates have "worked well" for pain relief they also have a history of abuse, which was only exasperated by the criminalization of drugs and subsequent introduction of novel opioids to society. The effectiveness of pharmaceuticals is a separate issue (in this context only) from their abuse potential, illicit use will exist for as long as it is illicit and should be dealt with - albeit less to the detriment of the disabled than the current course of things points to.

just because some people abuse them until they die. Why is the addicts life suddenly more important than the intractable pain patients?

That's a pretty incredible simplification that shows a good deal of ignorance on your part, and you top it off with a hefty and flawed preposition. "The addicts life" is not worth more or less than the lives of those with legitimate need for pain management, and there is often overlap between the two. Your view seems to be incredibly one-sided.

Decriminalize, regulate, educate and tax. If your not smart enough to figure out that in no way should you take 98 Vicodines a day, well thats your problem. stop forcing morals down other people's throats.

We need to end this war on drugs and it is no ones business what someone else puts in their body. What are your opinions on decriminalization of all drugs?

I certainly agree with both points here! However, I think you should give a little more consideration to the abusers as well. As hippy dippy as the OP does sound, he never suggested that there has to be an alternative to opioid medications in the sense that effectiveness should be sacrificed for abuse potential. For as long as opioids are the most effective option, they will be legalized -- although I fundamentally disagree with the amount of restrictions put on them, not only because it affects the lives of many patients but also because it makes it harder for me to get dem pillz boi.

All in all it comes down to developing equipotent alternatives to the more addictive opioids. Take methadone for instance, far shittier of a high when compared to hydro/oxycodone but very effective for pain. The legal and medical issues are separate in practice though as well they should be, I think your point is that funneling too much energy into catering to addicts is just operating within the constraints of a flawed system. I agree with that. Legalization/decriminalization, and research on less abusable pain meds are two separate issues with a very blurry line between -- nobody is suggesting that addicts be catered to more than patients, but nonetheless addiction is a public health issue that needs to be addressed somehow and should be viewed in a less malicious light.

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You don't get shadowbanned for brigading. I've never once NOT voted an an np link and I'm fine.

Until now I guess...

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Provide photographic proof of your exchanges with students, such as email or text, and censor out any material that would be used to identify them.

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Can you help me understand how elementary particles come together to form objects? I've always been very interested in theoretical physics, but I simply don't understand how particles with no mass can come together to form objects -- let alone how something with no physical presence can exist.

Also, why would the graviton exist if gravity is the curvature of spacetime in action. Having a representative particle seems unnecessary to me.

Also, the best of luck to you and your fellow physicists! You're pioneering something grand, and I hate it when people boil what you do down to trying to open the portal to hell.

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What has been the most infuriatingly simple point to get across?