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frznmatt53 karma

Systems Engineer here who WFH's.

Has NBNCo put forward a plan to address segment congestion issues across their HFC network?

Downstream is fine, upstream is quite bad during peak periods and more so during the day thanks to COVID-19 and the "very generous" (yet questionable from a infrastructure supporting/decision standpoint) upstream speeds of up to 40Mbps.

Also, does ABB prioritise VoIP packets across all platforms?

BTW, thanks for spending the time on this AMA. :) Looking forward for those IPOs.

frznmatt12 karma

Thanks Phil, what stirred my question was based on a concurrent over 3-month running fault in this subject.

NBN are throwing the "service hits full speed at least once in 24 hours, so it must be OK" line. Even with ample data being provided (ie. visible dips in bandwidth graphs over several months [ie. 37Mbps->6Mbps]), the same tune is played on repeat.

Do you find yourself having to go back and forward with NBN Co's fault team and escalation point?