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Oh I'm not under any delusion that my package is special. I just feel like my UPS driver has a special hatred for his job. It just seems common sense not to throw a package that was clearly a book over the fence in the pouring rain, which has happened more than once.

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Why does my douchebag UPS driver throw my packages over the fence when Fed Ex and USPS manage to either balance it on the fence or bring it to my front door like civilized humans?

frysdogseymour3 karma

Package landed in a puddle and the book had definite water damage. I totally understand that there are things that can be thrown, hell I'd throw the books over the fence too, it's the rain that really got me.

We generally have electronics shipped to my husbands office, where throwing them isn't an option.

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taco bell does breakfast surprisingly well, assuming you're not in the mood for a giant breakfast burrito :)

frysdogseymour3 karma

Oh and just so I don't seem like I'm a ragey turd, I was sort of joking with my initial question. Yeah, I can't stand the UPS guy, but there are worse problems than a wet book. Thanks for the AMA!