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That one guy is Bart Sibrel, noted asshat and professional taxi driver (Seriously).

When I'm feeling down, I watch Buzz Aldrin punching him and feel better. Mister Aldrin, even if you weren't already a true hero several times over before that point, you're one for that alone.

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Rutledge is rubbing off on you, isn't he?

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My understanding of the "gutting" of the VRA was that the Federal approval list was invalid for a procedural, not a constitutional reason, and thus if they fix the procedure it will be valid again.

Basically, that it's not valid to single out states based on what they did in the 60's, but should instead be based on what they've done recently.

Ergo, by biasing the list towards more recent actions, some states or counties may be taken off the list, while others, like places in Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Michigan may be added.

Is this not correct?

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"Herb" and "spice", got it. Wink wink.