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I remember when I was younger watching BBC documentaries, first understanding the concept and reasoning behind not intervening in 'natural' occurrences. I've always been okay with that policy, however for some reason watching Dynasties, it made sense that you intervened (and with the lion poisoning also, for example).

We (as humans) have put so much pressure on these natural environments and species within them, that are creating completely unfair situations (e.g. habitat loss, poaching, etc), that maybe it's only right that for some situations as silly as falling down a ravine we absolutely should help... A very small compensation for all the global pressures we're creating but not rectifying.

In a perfect world where there is time for evolution to take its course, and behaviours like 'oops I fell in a ravine, I probably shouldn't breed' will be eliminated, then no intervention is fine. But when you have a host of other human pressures that we are not currently fixing, to draw a hard line seems foolish at this stage.

Thanks for the AMA, and the great work your team did on the series!

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He's too busy bathing in piles of cash and making snide comments on twitter

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Yeah but out of the alternative milk products, there are alternatives that use less water.

Also an issue is not the absolute water usage, but where that water is used (i.e. California). If you're using huge amounts of water in an area that can't support it, it's a bigger environmental impact than the same amount of water somewhere with high rainfall to grow an alternative.

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Vote for politicians with sustainable agendas!

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Surely fire risk is there both for petrol rally cars and for electric... Plenty of rally fires in the past from crashes or otherwise that I've seen.

EDIT: Thanks to those who've answered and educated me!