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Your kid didn't take the SAT in the womb? Eeek! Bad parenting!

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You've stated that the first incision was the worst pain-wise, but during the entire 2 and a half hours did you ever become desensitized to the pain at all? Have you reached the statute of limitations for legal action?

This is my worst nightmare.

Have you tried writing down your entire experience in detail? I dunno if that would be therapeutic or not.

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大麻 comes from Chinese, though, so I doubt the character's origin has anything to do with Japan, or how much the Japanese loved weed back in the day.

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Sorry, not trying to be nitpicky, it's just one of the very few things that I know, haha. This is a great AMA and I've enjoyed reading all your thoughtful, detailed responses, and I'm glad you're doing well now.