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frothulhu7 karma

No question I just wanted to say that the both of you are awesome people. You for being so supportive to her and her for just living with this awful disease.

I was diagnosed back in November and am currently headed towards the surgery route after I finish Lupron. I hope she never has to do it, its been awful. I saw that she is doing some holistic approaches to her treatment. Has she considered massage for help with the fatigue, anxiety and depression? I'm a bit biased towards it, being a massage therapist myself, but I've got to say that I feel like regular massage has definitely helped with the day to day for myself. I lied, I guess I did have a question!

Keep fighting the good fight you two! I wish you all the best of luck.

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Oh man. Lupron has been awful so I would probably pass over the pine tree bark. Right now I'm just looking for something to give me energy that isn't caffeine related. Good luck with getting disability!

frothulhu1 karma

Oh in that case, I might look into it then! And I signed that petition!