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in the face of a community of goodwill

This is the key to community moderation in the 21st Century. You have to trust the community to encourage good conversation, keep out bad actors and extremists, and so forth.

It's easy (relatively) when it's a group of academics/borderline academics who are trying to keep a source as factually correct as possible.

It's harder when it's a collection of people posting opinions, shitposting, antagognising each other for luls, and are 10x the size.

How do you engender that community of goodwill and ensure that the bad actors are very much the minority and hence controllable?

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"Hmm, this is the largest bonfire ever, just raging away. Welp, better go to bed and think about what to do with it in the morning."

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Having actors in my family I can answer this - there will never be alcohol in their on-screen drinks by design, or even on set. Drunk people don't remember what they have to do, they don't follow direction, they waste everyone's time.

Now, might an actor slip something in from a hip flask after take 20 or something, perhaps, but overall they are professionals, they are paid a lot.of.money to be there and work as efficiently as possible.

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So instead of spending $1000 on a $100 jacked up by some scalper, I should spend $1000 at a casino and get the ticket comped?

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Regarding your last point, I always struggle to rest if I feel like I am hungry, it will keep me awake. I usually combat this by skipping breakfast and having lunch, dinner and then a snack (usually small but high protein) about 1-2 hours before bed.

Is there anything better i could be doing, a way to not feel so hungry if I have a 5 hour gap between dinner and sleep?

Tha ms for doing the ama.