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Dean Stockwell!! I'm a huge fan of yours. Paris TX! Dune! You're a living legend. One of my favorite movies of all time is To Live and Die in LA, so my questions are;

1) How much research did you have to do to nail down the "scumbag lawyer" persona of Bob Grimes so excellently? Did you actually have to spend time around lawyers?? (if so, I'm very sorry)

2) Is Friedkin really the monster everyone on Exorcist said he was?

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Hi Tim, Big fan since way-back-when etc.

My question: Between this new film, the episode of T&E:AS,GJ! titled "Comedy", your stand-up act, and the shorts with Gelman - it seems you have a pretty low opinion of what mostly constitutes COMEDY... How/When did you form this opinion, and how do you see your role in shaping the medium?

Follow up: Can I be your intern? I've submitted my resume a few times, but don't think you were bringing people on. I'll do whatever you need me to (carry weights, stay up late, y'name it!)

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Totally missed the boat on this, but if you come back for more Raffi, my question is this: Did you and Fred Penner ever have a feud or rivalry? Is he your worst enemy?