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OMG, Mr. Small. I can’t begin to thank you for the countless hours of entertainment and pure laughter you’ve given me and my family with Home Movies. So great to see you here. My question is would you ever consider taking on Home Movies again? More episodes or perhaps a movie?

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The popular depiction of your grandfather-in-law is that he was a cold, uncaring person who was more interested in money than the welfare of his grandson. Do you challenge this depiction? Was there a warm side to him?

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In your position, how do you reconcile the development of countries with governments that are oppressive? Do you feel some should wither?

Find it unfortunate that you didn't reply. I'm interested to understand how the UN focuses its energy. I know it's a sticky topic. I have a vested interest in spreading social democracy. I'm interested in understanding the scope of the UN's power. Good on you, btw, for promoting SD.

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What is your salary? Roundabout? (Just got laid off)

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You're a boring person.