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It is not on the roadmap yet, but some mid-year activity definitely would be nice to have.

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Sorry, you are right - I've asked the first question using my alt account to get the ball rolling. I'm ready to accept my rightful punishment.

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Yep, my bad.

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Most of our volunteers (I'd say 95%) work on the translations (we are translating the booklet + webpage).

A smaller team (around 5-6 people) is working on the social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, emails, talking to press) and an even smaller team (around 3-4) is working as customer support, packaging & shipping.

We have some core people (6-7) who are doing the tech part (keep the homepage and the servers running, generating the booklets, doing finance etc.).

We have no full-time people, everybody is doing this in their spare time (so mostly during the evenings & weekends), and mostly in November-December-January.

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Thanks :) We thought a lot about this - making reasonable money with this does not seem possible, so we have our day jobs and do this as a hobby project. If this makes enough money (patreon, whatever) so we can cover our costs, we'll be happy, if not, we won't go bankrupt anyways :)