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Most lines are already automated to some extent.

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No, because the driver still needs to drive the train manually at times in response to conditions the autopilot cannot address.

It's like how commercial jets are almost entirely automated too, but the captain still needs to be a qualified pilot in case he needs to take over the controls.

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Presumably the richest man in the world gives zero fucks about it, and why would he? Worrying about hair-loss is only for those who need to maintain a certain look for professional purposes, such as actors and models, and those who slavishly attempt to ape them. It's not a concern that the confident and successful entertain.

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If you're qualified doctors and you don't like the contracts they're offering you why can't you all just threaten to go work for a private hospital

That is actually what the government is aiming for. They want the NHS to be reduced in size and the private sector to increase.

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What is your opinion on the surrounding Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia and Arab Emirates not taking any refugees?

UAE has accepted 160,000 Syrians in the last three years. Because they are admitted on residence visas, they are legally classed as 'migrants' rather than refugees so don't show up in the UN's data.

Note also that the Gulf states have a different strategy for dealing with the bulk of the refugees, which is to fund large refugee camps close to the Syrian border. By providing safe and comfortable shelter close to Syria, this means that refugees are not forced to make long perilous journeys. It also means it is easier for them to return to their homes once stability returns.

It's wonderful how so many EU nations have been taking in refugees, but the money they have spent doing so would likely go further and help more people if it was spent expanding and improving refugee camps closer to Syria. As OP has commented, the only reason he felt compelled to come to Europe was because he was not given adequate shelter in Turkey, the first country he reached.