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Biggest animal would probably be a llama! ~400lbs

Biggest dog was about 285lbs. English Mastiff!

Our company does not have machines big enough to do horses but there are other companies who do.

Smallest animal was a field mouse that an owners cat dragged in the house.

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But I have been sent to a home to pick up remains of a pet that was “buried in the garden 10 years ago”.

I convinced myself on the way over that the guy was a murderer.

But, I looked at the bones and they were definitely a pet!

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I always try to find out in the arrangement if the pet has had any knee or hip replacements because the metal does survive the cremation process and we are able to return it with the cremated remains if they want.

I’m glad that the crematory you used was thoughtful enough to return them!

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At my company we do our private cremations the same as humans. Only one pet in the chamber at a time.

Other companies do “private” cremations that are really separate cremations. They space pets in the chamber with fire-retardant bricks between them but you will still receive only your pet back.

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Very often.

Too be honest, it’s not an easy decision to make so I try not to blame to family. They usually know what is best.