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I'm shocked no one has asked for real proof. A real picture with a ruler or tape measure rather than angled shots with "reference items." There's no doubting you're hung based on those pictures, but 12.5" is only an inch shorter than the man with known as having the world's biggest dick (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2199227/Jonah-Falcon-13-5-inches-living-worlds-biggest-penis.html). That wouldn't mean it's impossible, but I'd assume you'd be getting some big offers and press.

Here's a comment I remembered from a post awhile back where people were taking about large dicks.

She's lying. Everyone is lying about dick size in porn. You know what actors hate the most ? The measure tape. Because the measure tape reveals the truth. The measure tape revealed that actors (fools ?) are actually a lot smaller than they would look. It's almost a magical device. You see that guy, Chris Strokes ? He is advertised as one of the biggest dicks in Brazzers RealityKings and stuff, with a 10" dick. In a scene he got tested by the magical evil truth device (aka the measure tape) and what did he get ? No more than 7" length. Of course they measured from his balls and showed 10". But the actual measurement was around 7". And he's bigger than a LOT of guys. One of the biggest white dicks in fact. But why does his dick look so huge? Because he's super skinny. James Deen, who is loved by females fappers, is no more than 6-6.25". And it looks big because he is very small and skinny. Mandingo the biggest actor in porn is "only" 8,5" or 9" (but it's huge, don't get me wrong. Just check r/massivecock it's really huge.) But there is no way he would be 10" or 11", no way. What we should understand is: The 99th percentile stuff is true. A huge penis is REALLY rare. A 8" dong is really FAR from common. Howlongismyschlong is telling the truth.


Here's a post where a guy in the porn industry talks about how "big dicks" are faked: http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/1optn1/serious_what_are_some_secrets_of_the_porn_industry/ccue82j

Your claim on size is pretty bold and I don't think you've currently posted the proof of that size. You've just shown that you have what appears to be a large dick. In fact, it looks quite different with the different angle pictures you posted. If it's as big as you claim and you're not just here to raise some cam traffic, use a straight edge and keep that shit flat. No goofy angles.

Edit: welp, my highest upvoted comment suggests that I know a lot about dicks.

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When I have a prescription for a prepackaged product such as the Z-pack, why do you still make me wait roughly 20 minutes? Can you not just turn around and hand it to me?

I understand when the counting of pills and putting them into bottles is necessary, but what really goes on in this 10-40 minute waiting period?

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Given that you plan to incinerate the lettuce upon growth, how can we be sure that it retains the same nutrients on mars as on earth? Will you be testing the lettuce or is seeing it grow enough to ensure that the lettuce has the same composition there as it would here?

Thank you and good luck!

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What I find interesting is that many customers actually get mad and wonder where their beer is if you don't bring it over for two minutes. I've seen people get furious. I've seen people refuse to tip because "service is slow."

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