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Nurse: "so, how did you break both of your legs, hips, arms and collar bones?"

Op: "having sex."



Nurse: ... "Noice."

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Q1) So... What is the best way for people to proceed in order to get this legal?

Q2) I have arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, and chronic cluster headaches (cheekily nicknamed "suicide headaches"). I have the choice 1) take almost 50 tablets a day and risk death by accidental overdose 2) use cannabis twice a day and risk prison. What would you do in my position? (This is a fucked up prison to be in. (p.s. To any police reading this; don't bother raiding me. I'm dankrupt ATM))

Q3) of all the strains of cannabis, which do you think had the prettiest flowers?

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Will you get a circle tattooed below the scar to make it look like a cool question mark?

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Do you hear the words "googly-eyes" a lot?

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I understand that, when getting a new kidney, they leave the old one in place because it's less risky.

So...does your brother have for kidneys now or did they risk whipping or the old one?