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A while back Molly Ringwald did an AMA. Any funny stories from childhood that you'd care to share about her?

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Please run for governor. What you've done for Newark, you could do for all of New Jersey.

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Hi Tracy,

Do you think the value we place on diversity is a distinctly American phenomenon? Should companies in other countries like Japan, India, or Nigeria expend the same kind of effort to balance their workforces?

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Have you received any C&Ds from any publishers? Are any sources blocked as a result of that?

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Imagine a publication telling Facebook, "Stop allowing your users to share links to our articles on Facebook."

This is very different. Imagine if Facebook started stripping the ads off their articles and showed their content on the facebook newsfeed -- the lawyers for the publishers would immediately start browsing yacht ads as they planned to spend all the money they would make from the ensuing lawsuits.

(Also worth noting that Australia DID start making facebook/google pay publishers for linking to their articles)