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On a semi-related question, would you be for or against reclassifying the internet as a utility? Why or why not?

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Walk us through an average day at Carbine right now.

Is it really hectic? Quiet? I've never seen a company work so hard to get the game ready for launch. How is everyone coping with the mass amount of work?

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Mike, big fan of Fort Minor. It's so different than any other rap out there.

My question, how many instruments do you play?

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With the reclassification of the internet under the Title II Telecommunications act, would this do away with data caps in any direct way? I've heard that data caps may go away after time just due to competition, but am skeptical.

On another related note, with the reclassification of what is considered broadband internet access, will this force companies to upgrade their speeds if they have lower than 25/3? If it doesn't, does it encourage other ISPs to move in and provide broadband access where there is none?

Thanks so much for doing this!