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how are things in Haiti these days?

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Did you try jumping on top and doing the logjammer's waltz?

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I am an avid AltNation listener and really enjoy the single they are playing "Come a little closer" - really catchy and a bit of a departure from your last album. What can we expect from the rest of the album. and a follow up -- did the mass success of your last album and live performances influence Melophobia or same formula/process as before? have a great day and best of luck with Melophobia!

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No worries! Leah is in bed by! Lol but we spent an hour together looking at the website, watching the videos and I told her how I grew up watching Jacques on TV when I was about her age and became a certified diver as soon as I was old enough. She had lots of questions about the ocean and it was great to see her share my love! Thanks!

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going to sneak 2 questions and a request - do you think the damage humans have caused to the ocean is too much to be fixed? Fabien, how sad would your grandfather be at the current state of the ocean, if still alive today? request - I am trying to teach my 8 year old daughter about conservation, and the environmental impact her actions will have on the future, will one of you write "Hi Leah in Simcoe Ontario" on a white board and show it on the camera at 5:00 pm est (will blow her mind) keep up the great work, sad that there is only one research station left.