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why didnt the biden administration stay true to their word about sending $2000 checks in january or recurring monthly payments! how is anyone to survive or get back on their feet if they cant get any real financial help?

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i have a few questions i dont expect will get answered. who were you a spokesperson for when you bad mouthed marijuana and how much were you paid for doing so? what financial gains are you getting from this sudden flip? do you realize that your bad rap you gave marijuana (and kinda still do) pretty much takes away your credibility as any kind of authority on the subject? how guilty do you feel for the millions who have died from cancer and other ailments due to your anti marijuana propaganda on cnn?

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how come you havent expanded on the cancer cure subject to include Essiac tea - vitamin B17 - and a high alkiline blood level ?

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do you use organic ingredients? or poison your customers with GMO's?

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8 years ago i moved onto a 10 acre farm with pasture(rental). after moving in i managed to get pasture rented to 4 horses at $100 a head. i then started an organic garden and began testing out all kinds of vegetables to find the best flavors and how to improve sweetness. its now become a massive garden. i also began to focus on foods high in antioxidants. more towards anti cancer. now id like to start a company that supplies produce to gourmet restaurants. i already have my first customer. ive been using up my savings to support the house alone.i self taught myself to be a computer consultant and do some side work to help support myself. im on fpod stamps with no income and fighting to stay afloat. i can last maybe 2 months more. im single ,no kids. i did nothing to screw up my life but seems that im being punished for that fact. i dont have bad credit, i have no credit. i suffer from panic and anxiety attacks that make it unable to hold down a job, so i want to start a business. all i need is a jump start. i have asked banks about loans, but no way. i heard about finding a sponsor but i have no idea how to find any.my question is what if anything can i do to raise the money i need? where am i to turn to. im trying not to end up homeless and lose all my pets. all i need is $25,000 - 100,000 to fix tractor , get supplies for garden, get a truck for delivery, and hire a couple of people to help me over the summer.or someone to buy a property and land contract to me thats not out to rip me off. i have $15000 down on present property but it needs tons of work. i have tried so hard to get where i am it sucks im about to lose it all when im so close to the big win!