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wow that's a long time to have to deal with crappy internet

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In the UK a lot of shops say something like "no returns (does not affect statutory rights)". This way they can give the impression that they won't take returns, except they are obliged to by statute under certain circumstances (faulty item, not as described, etc).

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The Digital Economy Act 2010 was an utter mess, and it was implemented as a stitch-up at the end of a parliamentary session. In the end parts of the act were repealed, and parts of the act were never implemented as they were unworkable. This could have been avoided had proper parliamentary scrutiny been allowed.

How would Labour seek to avoid repeating historic mistakes when legislating in digital areas that not all of the party fully understand?

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Open Source Software/Free Software is fundamentally compatible with socialism and the co-operative movement. Do you see Labour taking steps to support these movements?

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How do you propose we get the world to change its laws/treaties to prevent this happening?

What changes would you like to see?