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The guy here. I can confirm this.

Sorry about that.

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The guy here. I can confirm this.

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Ironically I am actually a Google SRE and was on-call today, so you are sort of correct. My beepy thing certainly went beep a lot.

[I didn't hear about the AMA until after the outage was over. No, I wasn't browsing Reddit while Google burned.]

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"Duri et Periti" is Latin for "Tough and Competent" - the motto coined by NASA flight director Gene Kranz.

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Your project is called the "immunity project" but it's a misleading name: according to your website you don't give people immunity, you just make them into carriers:

Controllers have detectable levels of HIV virus in their blood. Therefore, we don’t know if we can prevent transmission.

I don't want to sound callous when I say this, because I really want to see a cure for HIV. But if controllers can infect others with HIV and never get AIDS themselves, aren't they the most "dangerous" of infected individuals? By creating a treatment that creates more of them, is there the risk that HIV might spread even more: even though you might relieve suffering of some, not everyone might be able to afford or get access to your treatment?