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Diocesan priests agree to live simply, but we do not have a vow of poverty (that's religious order priests, like Jesuits and Franciscans). My food and housing are paid for by the church I work for and I get a small allowance for my car. I also receive a salary like any other white collar worker.

I do have a cell phone that I pay for myself. It's an android smart phone. I'm cool and hip! Cowabunga! Wazzup!

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I believe with the Church. Too many people think secular laws = morality, too, which complicates things.

I think it should be civil unions for everyone and let us (and any other group) do marriages on our own.

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I was hoping someone would catch that.

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I cannot repeat the simplest term for it in polite company, but in general I think it's annoying. Too much of it is out of ignorance and not enough of it is genuine discussion.

I don't go there often because it's bad for my blood pressure (see: SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET!).

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Definitely the single celled organism.