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fqye4 karma

Just a very small percent of China people occasionally eat exotic wild animals. I live in Shanghai but grew up in a small town just about 150km from Wuhan. My parents, relatives and people around us never ate bat, dog, cat etc.

Most of those folks who eat those animals are old Southerners. Younger generation generally hate it and have been bashing it on China’s social media. I think this Wuhan outbreak in some way will do us Chinese a big favor by further changing people’s view toward eating exotic animals eventually.

fqye-9 karma

My understanding is that this extradition law with Mainland China is no different to what was agreed between HK and other foreign countries. I as Mainland Chinese has complicated feelings about HKers’ going to street. It is their right to protest what they felt dangerous for their future. But legally speaking, this agreement with Mainland China is totally justified.