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You've stated that you're down to only one medication now, and that you feel great, however you say that you can't work. Maybe you should have stuck with some of the other meds, maybe even as PRN's so that you'll be able to work. What is your diagnosis? Why do you think you have a 95% chance of relapse if you work? Doesn't make sense to me. I've seen hundreds of mentally ill patients through every spectrum of diagnoses who, with the right medication can have a normal and productive life. Sure, some of the more psychotic people with schizophrenia, the ones who can not function in society, are unable to work, but they are usually sent to state facilities or group homes. Some live alone, and manage OK with the right meds but they are usually followed by a DMH case manager and psychiatrists to ensure they are taking their meds. So what makes you unable to work or go to school?

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RN and kidney donor here. Dialysis is not indefinite, the kidney does so much more than filter. It sends out so many hormones and chemicals that start chain reactions to produce red blood cells, control pH, control blood pressure, calcium, sodium, potassium etc...etc....it starts to take it's toll on the entire body, multiple systems.....if someone offers, take them up on it....

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I donated a kidney in 06. around 3 weeks post-op is when things start to feel better by the day. i still wouldn't recommend rolling over in bed. when i did, about 2-3 weeks post-op, i could literally feel organs flopping around in there and it almost made me puke. as for what to expect later on? nothing. you will never know, physically, that you only have one kidney. drink the same eat the same and do all the same stuff you did. not sure if it's from the pre-op prophylactic IV antibiotics but, i have not even had a simple common cold since 06. one strong recommendation though, always (for life) remind your doctors that you only have one kidney. so many common meds are nephro-toxic, even aspirin. my question to you, do you feel different mentally, emotionally,spiritually??? i know it changed me in some ways. oh, and by the way, thanks for being part of what's right in this world!!!!

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well, like you, I don't take compliments well. people say what i did was awesome, i'm a great guy, you're a hero, etc, etc...my go to now? The doctor was the hero, i just laid on a table and went to sleep for a few hours. as far as how i feel? i didn't do something great in the world, i did something great and selfless for someone else and for all the people who love and care about her. but it changed me. i am different. i see all the potential for good in each person, in one simple act. i am more confident in myself, as a person, knowing that i have it in me to be kind, thoughtful, selfless, caring. I'm a 44 year old guy, a former steel worker, former power plant mechanic for fucks sake. i'm supposed to be a tough-guy. i am, but i'm softer. 3 years after donating, i quit my job, went to college and became a nurse (i actually start my first position on monday) because now i feel a need to help people, to make a positive difference in peoples lives. ten years from now, when someone asks you what the greatest thing you ever did for someone was, hell yeah, talk about the donation. but don't forget to smile and say hello to the old lady in the store, to open the door for someone, to offer your seat to a stranger, to smile and give a little nod to the people you walk by on the street. the donation is the great thing you did for your sister, all them little things, being kind, is the great thing you do for this world. not many people are willing to do what you did, can't blame em. but you did it, you showed what you're really made of. sleep well my friend, you are awesome.....