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They have no scripts, why bother to rehearse?

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Speaking of jokes, I've got a friend who never did get the 'No sense of humor, see #xx' on the 3E character traits chart joke.

Well played, sir, well played.

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Who're you kidding. They'd create checkpoint beta to screen people before they'd be allowed to go to the checkpoint alpha. That way, no bad guy can get anything dangerous to checkpoint alpha. Problem solved!

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Chances are that's just gonna turn into moving the goalposts. Start with fossils A and Z, find find transitional M, 'Nope, still doesn't exist, where's B-L and N-Y, smart guy?' Repeat ad nauseam.

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It's considered a form of cheating. Casinos being a private business like any other, they can refuse you service [basically throw you out and tell you not to come back].

Since it's not outright fraud [such as slipping extra chips into a bet between 'I have a winning hand' and 'here is your money'], I don't know if they can prosecute or not.