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There is a guy on YouTube with a Fennec Fox that tells people they are not good pets. He does show the bad side of them. I wanted one for years although I hate the exotic trade. Being a trainer of dogs and horses made me feel I could handle it. Then I began researching them the more I read and watched this guy the faster I decided not too.

More people need to research even dog breeds before getting them.

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What is your first thought when things go wrong, when they do? Also is there anything you would not do?

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First thank you for what you are doing. I caught two wolf's that were in the city I worked animal control. I never realized how huge they were until that point. The owner was amazing and got the proper land and permits to keep them.

What is your favorite part of working with such amazing animals?

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Have you covered animal control/Welfare and veterinarian? Both fields that help animals with lots they cannot teach in class. For example how to handle the humans.

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I understand that feeling of seeing trust and bonding for the first time. I used to work with dangerous and lost cause horses. That first sign of no fear or anger (still fear many times) always brought tear to my eyes. You are right it is exhilarating.

Working Animal Control was a taste of getting that good catch. From trapping to sitting on ground for an hour tossing your lunch to them. Or the ones that just come to you and jump into cab instead of back of the truck. I have my favorite story about a Rotti about that.

Again thank you for your work.