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Verge of tears this whole time, and here they come. I hope to read more about your daughter Lily as I scroll down.my mom's parents lost their first child to this, and it is still unfathomable in the sadness 2 generations later. Hugs to you and thank you for your openness.

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I've already started it, I'm loving it! Now I'm looking forward to that chapter, thank you!

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How do you see philosophy as intersecting with literature, or art? It seems like philosophy to me, but I can't quite name why. Maybe because it's meaning-building, but there's never one narrative, so it's more complicated than like a streamlined analysis that I usually associate with philosophy.

Could you name a few works of literature (fiction or poetry) that have especially resonated, or made you (re)think?

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Could you give an example? I'm struggling to put this in concrete terms, but definitely feel that revenge is sometimes warranted, or resentment, or unforgiveness.