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as a journalist, i'm terribly disappointed to see this reaction to biography, a field very closely related to my own.

there are some bad eggs but by and large we work our asses off to portray an accurate picture. and if OP's aforementioned work on the einstein/shannon story is any indication, they've done just that to the best of their ability.

you won't believe this, but seldom do people document the entireties of their own lives.

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oh, a troll. graduate from nihilism and we'll chat.

enjoy your summer.

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honestly, used to it. generally two reactions to telling people you're a journalist. one, you're regarded as a figure more powerful and wise than you actually are. two, that guy.

both are largely incorrect but as with most stereotypes there's a shred of truth in there.

really think we as a community need to do more to distinguish journalism from content creation, the latter of which includes simple aggregation. basically, what are you adding to the story, where are you getting it, and why are you adding it?

j schools know how difficult it is to get this craft right and for that reason most subject students to intensive courses on ethics.

i'm rambling a bit. comes with the territory.

again, thanks!

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what types of challenges did you face from publishers—if any—when you told them the book would be handwritten?