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From a scientific perspective, given all the possible combinations of matter and energy, what were the odds (what was the probability) for us to exist as we do?

Having said that. What do you think that happens when we die? And also, do you believe in God?

Thank you

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Really impressive.

I see you interviewed many people for this documentary, and they all seem very relaxed, at ease, and collaborative. What do you personally do in order to have a good interview? Do you warm up or prep the person in any way, days or moments in advance? Any tricks you want to share?

thank you

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With all due respect, why on Earth did you choose to make such a trailer for your movie? Why not make a normal trailer, with some dialogs or some story or something? You know... some funny bits, this and that... I'm sure it was a meditated decision.


Man, please, redo the trailer. I know how much effort goes into making an independent movie. You can't leave it like that, it's the first thing people are gonna see when they search, are you happy with it? Proud of it? I mean, this is just my opinion.