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As an expert on evolution, what do you feel is the strangest creature on Earth, or the one that just doesn't seem to make sense from an evolutionary standpoint yet continues to survive? (besides people)

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I kind of wish you guys weren't being downvoted. A lot of men who are circumcised really do feel absolutely fine with it, and that has to be part of this conversation. And I say that as someone who really, really would like to see the practice end.

That said, a lot of women who have undergone fgm are fine with it too, or even think it was a good thing, and people here are mostly appalled by that idea.

Either way, ultimately, as a totally anti-circumcision lady, I think that it's good that a lot of people are well-adjusted and happy with their bodies and equipment.

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This just brought tears to my eyes.

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My immediate assumption is that it may happen through rendering plants. As a horse owner, if I needed to euthanize my horse I'd have the body picked up by a rendering company. Those remains are combined with others (road kill, naturally dead livestock, etc) and processed. Are these dog food companies buying ingredients from those companies? (Fats, bone or blood meal, etc?)

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Also, here's a really good paper about some of the flaws with the studies in Africa:


(tl:dr? In short, selection bias, cultural bias, poor randomisation, non "blindness," and several non-controlled variables)