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It takes some solid discipline to gain an erection like that at will

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Think of it this way: you know how in movies and TV when they say "imagine a beach", or when they remember something and the beach/memories play like a movie as a cutaway? That's actually what happens to people who don't suffer from it. If you suffer from it, you'll realize that the movies weren't just doing a representation of the memory in image form - people can actually thing of stuff in that way.

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Yep was my first reaction too, lol - welcome to realising how you're different to people and welcome to a lot of exhausting questions when people ask you about what it feels like lol

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Yeah being able to enjoy a book still makes me salty that someone can see what's going on.... I mean I enjoy the escape from reality in my own way but still it makes me so jealous

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Well fair point there's no real suffering that goes on because we don't know any better, right? It's more of a disability/handicap than something to suffer from... Still - i get salty that I'm unable to do the thing... I mean - books, dude... BOOKS! people see that shit!