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What's it like to work for a racist organization?

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remember, the verge also doubled down on her in addition to nyt. therefore, by extension, the verge is also a racist organization. ps, i like sarah, am a korean american, and i think she's a pos dirtbag

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If private companies can moderate their platforms, they should not have immunity for the content on the platforms. Either moderate it all, or don't moderate it. It's common knowledge that Twitter and reddit ban conservatives. Silencing us will not be tolerated, and I look forward to the lawsuits that will ensue against Twitter, reddit, et al.

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How concerned are you that the "go green" leaders of areas like San Francisco directly caused the increase on litter and waste on the streets?

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If health care is a right that should be paid for by tax dollars, then I want my monthly gun paid for by tax dollars. When will this happen?