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How do you feel about Republicans not letting laws that will care for veterans go through the House?

Was there ever a point in combat where you thought to yourself what am I doing out here?

Do you have an opinion about kids playing violent shooter games as fun since you have actually been in a firefight?

What is being in a real fight like? What did you think, feel, see, hear etc.

Thank you for your service to me and the rest of the country.

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How will you combat big banks and big cable and the other monopolies? How will you combat corruption?

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Thank you for the answer. I hope you win! Good luck!

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Why should I trust or want a private corporation (or corporations) to do space exploration/industry as opposed to governments?

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I signed up for your email stuff (Demand Progress and Fight for the Future) I a while back and I have a couple of questions. 1. What do you think your biggest obstacle is? 2. How did you start your activism? 3. If I do what your emails say I should be doing how much will it help? How often should I be doing those things?