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forbidden_tacos30 karma

Wow I don't know this feels like not real at all. I just can't imagine that you can have a dream and do whatever you want with great details, I just can't believe it. If there is such an imaginary world where you can do whatever you want with no consequences whatsoever in the real world, why don't we live in our dreams and that's it ?

forbidden_tacos5 karma

Does it work for you every time ?

forbidden_tacos3 karma

I think I've seen studies saying that a dream doesn't last more than 0.8 or 8 seconds. Do lucid dreams have the same rules as normal ones ? Do they last only 8 seconds ?

forbidden_tacos2 karma

Can you change a nightmare to a lucid dream ? I usually have a lot of nightmares, I'm an anxious person and I wanted to know if in the middle of a nightmare can I started erasing those bad thoughts and like delete them So I can have a proper dream ?