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footcramp95103 karma

Will there be any sort of waiver we can sign in the future saying we’d gladly get hit by lighting while listening to the strokes?

footcramp9515 karma

Are you in talks with The Strokes regarding any sort of make-up show?

footcramp9514 karma

Maybe if GovBall was more of a music festival and less of a designated Instagram convention this would be less of a problem

footcramp955 karma

Have you considered eliminating the no-re-entry system? It seemed like the performance easily could have gone on by like 10:45, the hard rain and lighting didn’t last very long.

footcramp954 karma

Why is the bass always so overbearingly loud when you’re anywhere near the stage? If anything, shouldn’t the mix be worse for the casual fans all the way in the back and not for the superfans in the front?