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The whole 'war on terror' seems so designed to be perpetual. It's very convenient for the arms industry and the hawks in our government to have a fight that won't ever end with a surrender treaty or a wall falling down. They were outwardly upset about what their place was after the fall of the USSR (See the 'Project for a New American Century). Even pop culture meandered about what the next big threat could be contrived to be: The President in Michael Moore's 'Canadian Bacon' pondered whether middle east terror groups could be contrived into an existential threat, but ultimately concluded that they were not formidable enough for the American people to buy it. The whole thing just rings of the background plot in Orwell's 1984 where the threat of a faceless enemy was constantly offered as a distraction. I guess the reason why I can't envision a post-terror era is because of all the people and interests in positions of power in our society that don't want the war on terror to end.

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do you think we'll see a post-terror generation in our lifetime?

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Black or pinto beans?

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What suggestions do you have for gathering support from multiple stakeholder groups?

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Hey Phil... Been a fan since you were on the affiliate in Albany, NY. Would love to have you back.

So your guest interviews on your radio show were so spot-on and well-timed. You NEVER missed a beat and it was utterly convincing.

I noticed when I watched your Rose Bowl Parade coverage years ago that it didn't seem to work and you just sounded like you were a crazy person talking to yourself.

It occurred to me that the one difference was that the characters voices were not going through a 8khz phone line.

Has psychoacoustics been a consideration in your act and the development of your characters?