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I did two years. Respect is so important because as soon as you let another man get away with disrespecting you, it shows you are weak. When people see you are weak, they take advantage of you. They also occasionally take advantage of your orifices as well.

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I saw that movie while in prison, bought it the day I got out.

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The more you work your heart, the stronger the heart muscle gets. When it is stronger, it does a more efficient job of pumping blood, therefore requiring less beats per minute. For an athlete it is not uncommon for their resting heart rate to drop below 50.

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How do the people you associate with feel a out your superhuman level of empathy? Does it change how they interact with you?

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My natural levels are low for a temporary reason, so when the reason they are low is over I'd like to stop TRT since I won't need it.