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Wow. I didn't even take small towns into consideration, I can imagine how many calories you would burn though. Thank you so much for your answer.

Went on a hike in the French alps with a friend and 2 mountain "experts". The guys told us we didn't need to bring any food, donkeys would be carrying enough for all of us... well turned out all they carried was red wine and cheese. I was so hungry, constantly. And equally tired. I'm happy we weren't gone for longer than 2 days! I might have ended up, eating one of them donkeys, if we had been gone for longer than that.

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How did you get supplies? As I'm assuming you did. And what about water? Did you carry enough to drink, or did you dig out mud and drank through a filter?

It's really inspiring what you've done, thank you for doing this.

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I think one of them is genuinely an expert. Or at least some one who knows a lot about nature, its animals, and how to survive in the wilderness. In winter he takes people across country skiing. And in summer takes them around animal paths. Hiking with him was really interesting, but I don't think he took it very seriously. (Food wise) It didn't make matters any better that the night before the hike, it had snowed, and we were told it wouldn't make any difference. That we would just be hiking in lower altitude, than what was planned. It was freaking cold!

... I was very happy it was only for 2 nights. He kept talking about another hike he'd done, (an extreme hike!) where the plan was, to dig out mud to drink through filter. He thought it was wet enough to find mud. But for some reason I can't remember, maybe the ground had frozen solid! There was no mud, and no streams. So he was out of water, while having a tourist group with him!

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I'm quite good at lucid dreaming. But only when I have a really good dream. On those nights, I'm able to wake up, and then continue with the dream right where I left it. It's always sorts of detective dreams, where I can follow the dream from any sort of angle that I wish, or control as much as I want.

However I also suffer from sleep paralysis. Do you have any experience in those? I know when my sleep paralysing Dream is coming. But I can't do anything about it. Is there a way I can turn it lucid instead?

Keep up your good work. Thank you for doing this ama thing.

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Thank you, that was actually helpful. The last time I had my sleep paralysis dream, I realised it was coming. I tried my best not to panic, I was thinking to myself

"yes now the ringing in your ears start, thats normal. Next you'll realise you can't move. Then comes the pure darkness..." And so on! but I get so caught up in the middle of the terror, that I have a hard time staying relaxed!

So next time, I'll try to imagine a nice place. Or maybe even try, to put some light into that dream!