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no fucks given, soldiers throwing babies in the air and catching them with bayonets, pregnant women stabbed with bayonets when they did not bow down enough when they see japanese soldiers, soldiers making families commit incest before killing them, basically any sick shit you can think of they probably did. O yea they also held a competition of which soldier killed the most chinese, they even had the kill counts published in the japanese newspapers, kinda like COD K/D ratio but only kills

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i believe this is to re-position the dead body higher up a mountain for some sort of tradtional purpose, I think you only do it once. I heard my family doing it back before. For chinese people it is very important to have a good burial spot, back facing mountains and front facing ocean is basic stuff

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bound feet? that is wayyyyyy old stuff, besides I doubt anyone would bound feet would make it far during the 2nd sino-japanese war....unless you are uber rich