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Correcting a president on his grammar seems like much less of an accomplishment these days.

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In the episode of Nova you glossed over the issue of ocean acidification yet I have heard it is a more immediate concern than sea level rise. What consequences will result over the next 50 years from ocean acidification and what can we do to minimize its impact?

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According to the map there were a few days like Jan 2nd where most of the boats turned north and either backtracked or went in a loop. What happened?

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Why is it we are not going after the companies who push anti-net neutrality? We will keep having to fight for this every three months till you all drop Verizon, at&t, and others. There is no financial incentive for these companies to not pursue this change in regulation. You're all trying to shoot the messenger (FCC) instead of going after the companies who are lobbying against net nutrality.

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How will New Horizon be utilized in the coming years?