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A lot of people go through extreme trauma but get through it without stressing out or experiencing lingering PTSD. Is there a way to convince people that there’s nothing wrong with the people who deal with trauma regularly and don’t um, “flip their shit”?

I’m one of those people who face trauma constantly, but long ago learned to detach and deal with it (I’m not military or medical). It’s more disturbing that I’m told I need to rage and cry to deal with it than it is to accept the endless situations and deal with them.

Are there words I can say that will get them to understand that I’m fine? No, really.

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I appreciate everything you’ve said here.

My situation comes from being slammed so many times and so often that I don’t have the luxury to get upset about it. I have to get up and keep going, sometimes dealing with multiple issues at the same time.

Yes, despite the fact that I am an atheist I still look to the heavens and ask, “Dude, what the fuck?!

Finding humor, no matter how absurd, helps a lot.

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Saw the special earlier this week. Congratulations on (fairly) clean, original material!!! Good work!

I don’t have a question, but if I end this with a question mark will it pass mod?

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Or are they imagining something being there with the desire to be a hero?

Myself, I live a fact-based life. Disaster sucks. Why it happens to me so often I couldn’t say, but I’m still breathing.

I avoid people though, because I don’t want their opinion. Some would call that enlightenment or zen. Others would call it blocking or denial.

I call it recognition and action.

What words are available to let others know that it’s not that big of a deal without insulting or condescending to them?