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It is beyond fucked up that someone in your situation has to rely on chance to chose the manner of their passing.

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I believe this has been done previously in the US and Scientology was able to claim an exemption because they are treated like a real religion in the US.

I did hear about a case in Canada that was successful on these grounds.

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Would or Should?

Would, for the same reasons they don't have to pay taxes.

Should, they shouldn't.

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First rule of the American justice system: don't be poor.

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I apologize in advance if this comes across as insensitive or offensive.

After some of the things I have read and direct experiences in my life I THINK that if I got diagnosed with cancer and it was fairly advanced that I would be inclined to not go through chemo and just try to enjoy whatever time I have left.

Can you provide some insight into your thought process to have chemo treatments this third time?