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How do you pronounce your last name?

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What was your experience with the revolution?

Imagine a whole country high on ecstasy.

Really. It felt like nothing could stop us. "We will die and we'll be free" was one of the popular slogans. To go out on the street and experience the power of the masses, it was extraordinary.

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Gorbatchev is a hero for everyone in the Eastern Bloc (he helped disbanding communism in all those countries) except Russia - their standard of living went down dramatically after that.

We're friends with a Russian family here and it's funny, we agree on many things except Glasnost. :)

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Shoes are one thing you look at. You also look to see if the person is doing "dome checks", looking for cameras. Also, attempting to appear to be looking at merchandise, but it looks like their head is on a swivel, as they look all around them. Entering and exiting a store multiple times, and doing laps around the store.

Dammit, I do all of these because I'm a computer geek, I like to do my shopping quickly, and I walk a lot. Also, I'm a bit of a scatterbrain. Never stole anything.

Also, my shoes are usually junk.


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A recent poll shows 61% of romanians are nostalgic for the communist era.

I think they're just groggy from the recent economic crisis, and the grass was always greener 30 years ago. Communism was really really fucked up.