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I can't describe how much my wife and I enjoyed watching you on Top Chef Masters. I have never seen someone so passionate about food. We love Mexican food so much and immediately bought one of your cook books. You have filled our house with a thousand wonderful scents over the last few years and we thank you for that. In the Summer we are moving to Iowa for work and the one thing that is making the trip worth while is knowing we can finally go to Chicago to eat at one of your restaurants.

As for a question, If I visited one place in Mexico where should it be? What should I eat?

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You mention in one reply that you would never earn a bonus because the store owner couldn't afford it and the stores were barely hanging on. You also mention multiple times that wages should be raised for the employees. How do you rectify those two opposing thoughts? If they can't pay one manager a bonus how could the franchise support substantial wage increases across the board and still stay in business?