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Check box on this email. Click sweep. Move /delete /something all messages like this one.

Great after a breakup. (just sayin)

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To have it out there, The New Republic is a left-leaning magazine, roughly analogous to Der Spiegel. So this will be from the perspective of someone who is a fan of the ACA.

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They also stock German foods.

So if you, like me, miss good chocolate and Rotkohl (not together), it's worth a visit.

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Before you downvote further, I live in Milwaukee which is home turf for both PnS and Sentry, and every grocery chain there is has been pushing in here lately.

They seem to smell opportunity. Which would point to this opinion having some truth behind it.

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I upvoted out of general agreement, but there's one point there I often hear, and with which I have serious issues.

Edward Snowden went to Taiwan.

We still equip Taiwan with advanced platforms like Aegis cruisers. If this were honestly part of China, the way this statement implies, we wouldn't be doing that.

Snowden to Taiwan is significantly different from Snowden to, say, Shanghai or Beijing.

All that said, as a patriotic American, I find it extremely difficult to explain how the US uses foreign powers to spy on US citizens without attempting to define the reciprocating relationship which enables such spying.