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"Hey have you heard of this thing called an EpiPen? You probably have, especially if you require one. But just in case, here is our thirty second commercial about it! In this commercial we take advantage of how common peanut allergies are and place you in the POV of a peanut allergy victim! She eats a brownie and DIIIIIEEEES. If only she had an EpiPen! Well, buy our EpiPen! We are the only one out there. EpiPen! By Mylan, seeing is believing"

Only a couple of months later, price goes through the roof :(

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So I should expose my prenatal child to tobacco smoke. Got it.

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What was the major turning point in each of your lives that made you decide to drop crime and pursue becoming social activists? As well, has it been hard to pursue such a cause?

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On top of these obvious OSHA and human rights violations, the poultry industry has also come under fire by the ridiculous conditions they keep their animals and make their workers work (ie. chickens are not allowed sunlight, are packed tightly, worked are stepping all over chickens, they have to club chickens).

In your opinion, is this the straw that will break the camel's back? Chicken farmers have spoken out before, but this case seems to be an obvious violation. Do you think America will care enough to make a difference, even against the Trump campaign?