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Yes, that would be really useful. Thing is we are operating on a shoestring budget and at the moment we don't have the budget to pay our motion designer more and things like Jutland, Brusilov Offensive and the Somme are really pushing us to the limit here.

But it's definitely something on our list to add.

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We are working full time on this project and are actually paid doing so. The company behind the channel is Mediakraft Network, a German MCN and they put up the money for it until we cover the costs and make a profit.

The idea for a project like this is to have a lasting effect. People discovering our channel now are watching the videos from two years ago and they will still be valid when the show has ended.

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Isn't he on tour with some other dude?

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It definitely helps, just compare our early animations with the ones from Jutland last week.

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I think we answer that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XThr2B242LY