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I bet you get this a lot. But which movies would you consider, show the closest depiction of what you were actually doing? Or better how close are movies to reality?

Also. Thank you for your time.

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Great Answer, thank you!

But yeah I kinda thought that, too. I think as far as movies go, more or less every branch of real life work, which has been depicted in a movie more or less has a lot of "that's not how this works" - moments, which than also carries over to other similar movies.

But yeah, besides that, I guess you're right in regards to your job. And I also feel you regarding the rest;D

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Where do you see limits, we should A.I.s. bind to?

I mean couldn't there be, at some point in the future, an A.I. which could develop a conscioussness? And I don't mean in an apocalyptic kind of way, that it wants to destroy humanity.

Just in a human way. Would our norms, ethics and laws apply to it? Would we have to keep it alive because it started to do something that we would call "feel"? Or are there any "fail saves" to prevend such a step at all? Should there be such steps? Or is all of this just an uopia?

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Sounds reasonable. Thank you for your Answer.