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Image Manager Generally for Uploading to Reddit

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residuals fading... leg up... liquid assets... too much

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Since it is not publicly traded yet, disclosing any financials could affect any future public offering or even valuing of the company. He seems to be implying that they are profitable, but even that doesn't have to be disclosed publicly.

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With sports games it is mainly about the roster updates. It could easily be a DLC instead of a $60 game...

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I once bought a blackjack book written by a college professor of engineering who investigated mathematically the game of blackjack and various strategies. It was a much better and more mathematically rigorous read than your average blackjack book such as this Dr. Blackjack guy's book. He goes through the derivations of basic strategy along with when it changes with knowledge of what is left in the deck and I managed to reproduce the results through MATLAB simulations.

You are right that double down on 11 vs. 6 is the most no brainer move in the game. It only changes if the true count is below -10 or something ridiculous like that.

Consistently winning money in blackjack is much harder than it seems and actually keeping up card counting with the flow of the game is a skill that takes practice and patience. Also choosing the table with the best rules has a much bigger impact overall than mild variations in deck count. Anyone with a little programming skill can easily set up a simulation for these rule variations without knowing a lot about probability math, which is hard.