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You're right. Why bother about 63 million....

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I think saying "see" is misleading. Right now I can vividly "imagine" a orange (or a beach, or a sky, whatever), the colour and everything. But I still wouldn't call it "seeing". It's a "mental image", whatever this means.

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I am a "cannabis writer" and grower as well, I like your replies. You know your stuff WELL! Interesting that you mention above it's not so much Sativa vs. Indica, but about the individual terpene profiles and (of course) THC:CBD ratio. Interesting, since I myself never looked at it that

Also...coincidentally I just heard about actually treating cannabis like foods (not talking about edibles, this is clear)..yesterday....where someone was talking about preparing it RAW, uncooked, means no psychoactivity whatsoever, only CBD and terpenes. I can see this becoming big since of course the benefits of the plants become more and more known.

Many replies here also seem to imply this is just about getting "high" and think what you do is basically a restaurant serving edibles...which I don't think is exactly you're doing.

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Asian in Thailand liking Schneider Weisse? (My mind is blown now...)

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Someone who is "shocked" by surgery has no business doing surgery.

I see your point tho re: mods and similar tasks.